Shaun Hill

A reportage photographer blending candid and formal photography based in Worcester, who loves to capture special moments on camera to treasure forever.

I have worked with professional companies ranging from reputable UK plant growers/distributors to confectionery suppliers and personal clients including newborn babies and parents and wedding parties.

Clients:  Candy Girls Sweet Tables, Allensmore Nurseries
Industry:  Commercial, Events, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Nature

“Life is about connections and experiences which should be enjoyed, captured and shared” – Me

As people we need to communicate. Communication is about so much more than language, it is about experience, expression and emotion. These fundamentally shape how we view the world and define who we are and how we connect with and are perceived by others. We can talk about our experiences and relive them through words, but over time details will be lost forever.

“A picture is worth of thousand words” – Fred R. Barnard

My Father was a landscape photographer who was given a grant to further develop his skills, getting better equipment and enabling him to develop his own camera films. He died when I was young and I don’t have any memories of him. However, I have in recent years seen a number of photographs that he took which were fascinating and inspirational.

I found myself in a situation where I personally had the opportunity to take up photography through one of my own interests and very quickly ended up getting my work published in the national ‘I Will Wedding Magazine’ and on the websites of large businesses and within printed catalogues.

Reflecting on our common interest (passion) makes me feel a connection with the man I never knew and inspires me to continue to pursue my dreams in this wonderful career. Whilst I never knew him, his photographs are a window into his world, portraying his vision, perspective and experiences, which I use to imagine who he was.

I get to capture memories and transform them into wonderful images that others can treasure in the same way as I keep hold of the only evidence that my Father ever existed.

From my own experiences, I completely understand why you need wonderful photography and I promise to deliver this personally along with so much more. My role is to document those precious people and events in your life that can never be replaced but through my work can be relived from another perspective. I tell you this so you understand why I am so passionate and because it is vital as you let me into your life which is an absolute privilege.

Presenting your memories in a timeless fashion using the latest technology to preserve your images for generations to come in a format of your choosing, from beautiful archival prints and wall displays to luxury wedding albums, I will deliver incredible results that you will be proud to show and share.

If you are a business wondering how this is relevant to you, with my experience and skills, I will deliver a professional service with a personal touch that makes your business stand out for all the right reasons.