I have been fairly busy as of late, making the most of the opportunities available including taking photos of a newborn baby (as promised) and attending the National Wedding Show.

The newborn photoshoot was an outstanding success, allowing me to experiment in a new area of photography which was previously uncharted for me and leaving the parents with lovely photos to enjoy, share and look back on as their Son grows up. Everyone involved was happy to have shared the experience and time with a very special and precious individual who was full of personality.

The National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham ran for 3 days, from 16th-18th March. I managed to get free tickets as a guest photographer courtesy of Candy Girls. Judging by the conversations we overheard and joined in with, the wedding show was a great success both for businesses and brides alike. We were there all day, as there were enough shows and stalls to keep us busy for the entire duration.

It was the biggest wedding fayre I have been to. I was astounded by the number of wedding dresses available, as well as holiday organisers and photo booths. There was a lot of beautifully made, hand crafted jewellery and fabulous apparel and accessories. I spoke to some lovely photographers who shared their thoughts, experience and advice with me. I also stumbled across some mouth-watering sights. I took photos of the most eyecatching stalls I encountered to share with you.

The majority of the businesses were more than happy for me to take photos of their products when asked, so I have been fortunate to come away and share with you the best pictures from the day.  You can see a larger selection of photos from the wedding fayre on flickr.

If you were there that day and have a story to tell then please feel free to leave a comment. If you are from one of the businesses who I was fortunate enough to meet and take pictures of your goods/services and you are interested in my work/would like larger resolution copies of my photos, please contact me.

In other news, I have organised another photoshoot with Baby Dominik in the near future to try out some new ideas.