Greetings and welcome to a new section of the site which is being written for those of you who are interested in taking control of your camera so that you can take beautiful photographs of your subject. Once the core principles of using a camera have been established, we will be focusing on photographing children who can be the most difficult yet rewarding subjects to work with. There will be a few examples of working with adults as well for those of you that want to concentrate on that particular discipline. If you are serious about photography, even as an amateur, you will need to invest in some kit to get the best results.

Throughout the articles to follow, we assume that you have a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera, a basic understanding of the buttons or access to the manual for reference so that you can follow the articles and a copy of lightroom.

The information we provide will range from basic principles through to understanding how each control impacts upon the photo taken, tips on composition, lighting, clothing, posing and locations and instructions detailing how to process your images for the best results.