Hello dear readers, I am sorry that I have not been around to post to the website sooner. I have been very busy recently with projects both relating to photography and otherwise. Just because there have been no news updates doesn’t mean I have been sitting idle.

Since July I have been working tirelessly to make preparations for the wedding of my long-time girlfriend Gemma.

September was taken up by the actual wedding and subsequent honeymoon. We went to Orlando, Florida to see all the sights (Disneyland etc) and take lots of photos as you can imagine. We had a fantastic time and it has taken a long time to recover from the early starts and late finishes. Our bodies are just starting to get back into the normal rhythm  Now I have the daunting task of weeding through over 7,000 images and processing the results.

Welcome Mrs Gemma Hill to the photography scene. Should you contact me with any projects expect to meet this wonderful lady as my assistant.